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Dive with Bull Sharks

From November to February


Dive in

Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Cancun, Musa, Puerto Morelos


Cenotes Diving

Welcome to the Mayan underworld

Swim with whale sharks

Next season from June to September 2022


Freelance Diving Service


Love to make bubbles underwater

Much more than a diving center

Your package

You can choose your own package, write us, describe what you wish to do, your personality and your expectations and we will direct you on the choices available to you.

Your language

We offer our services in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Local culture

We work only with the locals and are contributing to the local economy.

Your instructor

We are always your private guides. They accompany you at every step of your experience and make you discover their passion, the cultures and traditions of Mexico.

Your transport

For all our tours, the transport is private, you will be only with your family and your friends.

Small groups

We dive in small groups in order to offer the best service.

Diving like meditating

Diving is a new experience, a different perception of our world. It could be compared to a meditation. In effect, when your body is underwater, the beat of your heart slows down 20%. You breathe slowly, continuously and deeply, just like when you meditate; you walk into another state of consciousness. In addition, your body is composed of more than 80% water; this element is a part of you. While you are underwater you will reconnect with the same sensations you had when you were a child, and you were in your mother’s belly.

Top Rated


“It has been a unique experience with Enrique and Aurora, beings passionate about diving and that is reflected in what they do 🙂 Go ahead and dive with them !! From Cenotes to Arrecifes an unforgettable experience !!! I recommend them 100%”